The Pinkston family has experienced the unbelievable pain of losing a child. Hollis Hayes Pinkston left this earth far earlier than any heart was ready for.

As we witnessed Marshall, Shelley and Tatum walk through the days after burying their sweet boy, we saw a community unite and love them.

The drawing together of hearts and hands to support another in the name of Love is nothing less than breathtaking. This is the spirit behind Stick Horses and Capes. You have the opportunity to support families who are experiencing some of the darkest days of their lives. You have the opportunity to be their community.


Stick Horses and Capes is a nonprofit that helps provide financial assistance to bereaved families who have lost a child.

Meet our Board Members

Shelley Pinkston


Marshall Pinkston

Vice President

Stacie Stephenson


Erin Moosbrugger


Kylee Stockard

Board Member

Will Clay

Board Member

Colt Johnson

Board Member

Kasey Coker

Board Member

Josh Snead

Board Member

Photos from past events